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What Are the Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays?

Throughout the years, dental technology has advanced to provide patients with treatments that are comfortable, mostly free of pain, and take lesser time.

Many of the drawbacks of traditional X-ray techniques were addressed and removed, such as:

  • Waiting Time
  • Preparation Time – Time for the X-ray Film to Be Produced
  • Quality of Capture
  • Environmental Concerns

Digital radiography has thus revolutionized dental care and the dentistry profession.  It has radically changed the technique of dental X-rays.

What Are the Steps Involved in Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is quite similar to the traditional process of dental X-rays. The difference lies between the use of old-school X-ray film and a digital X-ray sensor. In digital radiography, a sensor placed in your mouth captures images of your teeth. While both electronic and connected to a computer, a digital X-ray image still looks like a film-based X-ray. But both you and your dentist can instantly view the images as the device takes them and projects them on a screen.

Remarkable Features of Digital Dental X-rays

  • Digital X-rays emit around only 10% of the radiation emitted by traditional X-rays.
  • There is no preparation time required.
  • Enhanced quality images. Your dentist can enlarge your images to any size, letting them see problems in detail.
  • Having digital dental records enables dentists to easily send them to another specialty office for further reference within seconds.
  • Digital radiography uses no chemicals, making it more environment-friendly than traditional radiography.
  • When you need a diagnosis, you have a complete picture available.

Despite the lower cost of film X-rays than digital ones, the increased radiation that needs to be emitted to expose these types of films can have detrimental effects on the patient’s dental health in the long run.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

Nowadays, most dental offices use this digitized form since it allows them to:

  • Reduce patients’ discomfort
  • Detect problems early
  • Have patients spend less time in the chair

Thus digital X-rays provide better customer service by keeping waiting times short and allowing better access to their dental health information.

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