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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a highly recommended cosmetic dental procedure. Though teeth whitening is relatively simple and less time-consuming, it produces excellent results that last for a long time. Over the last few years, technological advances in dentistry have allowed dentists to get their hands on some of the more advanced teeth whitening methods, among which Zoom is the most notable one.

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How Do Teeth Stain?

The most common cause of teeth discoloration is improper brushing and flossing of the teeth. This unhealthy practice leaves a lot of microbes on the teeth, which can appear as a dark or yellowish layer. Some of the other causes are consuming colored foods and beverages, chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, excessive consumption of alcohol, etc.

How Is Teeth Whitening Carried Out?

When you visit Spa Dental in San Jose, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis of your oral condition to determine the severity of teeth staining. We also take various factors into account, such as the presence of cavities, cracks, ceramic restorations, receding gum lines, gum disease, hypersensitivity, etc. Based on the observations, your eligibility will be decided.

If you are eligible, we will clean the teeth thoroughly and apply a rubber dam on them to cover the soft gum tissues. This is done to prevent the adverse effects of the whitening gel on the gums. We will apply the whitening gel to the teeth and spread it uniformly, which produces a consistent level of whitening. It will be allowed to stay on the teeth for a few minutes, during which the oxygen molecules liberated by the gel penetrate the porous surface of the enamel and bleach the staining particles. Once done, we will remove the gel by rinsing your mouth. If required, the procedure will be repeated multiple times based on the severity of the staining and the level of whitening you prefer.

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What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom is a state-of-the-art teeth whitening system that incorporates a whitening gel composed of 25% hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the highest concentrations of the bleaching agent in a teeth-whitening gel, making the procedure suitable for extreme discoloration of teeth. It will be combined with an activating light set on the right wavelength, which helps to speed up the process of bleaching. Individuals who wish to get a quick smile makeover or run on tight schedules would be perfect candidates for Zoom whitening.

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